I love BRG’s lead program because it’s a lazy mans program that is easy to see results with. They do all the work creating the customer I just sell the car.
Marty W.
Guiffre Buick
Springfield, IL

I signed up with BRG about a year ago. There marketing rep had a very tough job, because I was a skeptic and they wanted to bring a program to my table that seemed to good to be true. But I decided to give them a chance.  Now a year later that was the best lead decision I have ever made. These guys are creating a better lead than anyone out there regardless of the lead type. The customers always are motivated, in the market to buy and already know my name.
Pat D
Jim Skinner Automotive
Birmingham, AL

I work for a dealership in a small town of about 3000 people.  We are 50 miles from a population of about 200,000 people.  Last year (2009) I sold 80 cars from Bankruptcy Resource Groups program.  When I get a courtesy call from Bankruptcy Resource Groups call center I drop what I’m doing follow up on there lead.  I averaged $3,100 per a deal.  These leads are gold.
Matt S
University Chrysler.
Columbia, MO

I love the personal interaction I get from Bankruptcy Resource Groups marketing and call center reps. These guys are great and have a focus I just don’t see from lead companies any more. There call center enthusiasm obviously rubs off on the customers they send to me.  I did 23 units from 52 leads they created in March 2010.
Crissy Z
Chuck Van Horne
Plymouth, WI

I can highly recommend using the Bankruptcy Resource Group lead program.  I started out using them at one dealership and when I left they were the first call I made.  They don’t promise what can’t be delivered, and I always do 7-8 deals a month like clockwork.  The leads come over with a phone call from the company 100 percent of the time.  The customer already knows who I am when I call them to set the appointment.  It makes my job so much easier.  There is no program that is risk free but Bankruptcy Resource Group comes as close as it gets.
John M
Bay Chevrolet
Norfolk, VA

I SIGNED UP WITH THE Bankruptcy Resource Group in 2006 during the peak of subprime in the automotive industry.  I was skeptical at first until the sales manager told me to expect only 5-8 deals a month on their lead program.  I signed up for the 90 day trial period, and my 1st month I received more leads than they had promised but sold 0 cars!!! I called to complain and spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Customer Care manager and realized that in my case the leads were too close to the discharge date; thereby rendering the credit scores to low to get financed. We changed the discharge dates to 1 year old and the next month I sold 6 cars.  I have never interrupted service with Bankruptcy Resource Group and have averaged 4-8 deals a month for the last 4 years.  In fact my 2 best months have been February and March 2010!
Brad H
Hanks Pontiac
Plaquemine, LA